All Natural Dog Treat Your Furbaby Will Go Crazy For That's Made in America

I came across this really great Chewerz Chicken Jerky dog treat on Amazon. Purchasing jerky for my pups is always a lesson in caution and research. There have been so many cases of dog jerky leading to illness or worse in dogs, particularly if the jerky is from China.

My dogs are like my children. Therefore, I am extremely picky about what I give my dogs especially when it comes to treats. I highly urge all the dog owners out there to please give your dogs natural if you can and always try to give treats manufactured in the USA and absolutely nothing made in China.

These Chewerz Chicken Jerky treats are wonderful and ideal for my pups. My pups can't get enough of them. I love that these are restaurant quality USDA Grade A chicken breast. Chicken breast is the only ingredient, which is unheard of with any type of dog treat. As if that wasn't enough, the breasts are also hand trimmed to remove unwanted cartilage, fat and rib meat so your dog only gets pure chicken breast in each bite. You can see just by looking at them they are the real McCoy, no fake meat in this treat.

Trust me, this is not a treat you'll get neglected for. This is a high-quality, gourmet jerky for dogs. In fact, even our cats went insane for it! Dogs can tell the difference between high quality snacks and cheap snacks. I also like that these have no nasty stench when you open the package. The jerky smells like pure chicken breast.

The strips are crunchy like chips and each piece is about 6 inches long. I can easily break the strips into smaller sections to give to my smaller dog. Best of all, these chicken jerky for dogs are 100% made in America, which gives me assurance that they're ok to give to my pups. Chewerz Chicken Jerky Dog Treats also comes with a money back guarantee if your furbaby doesn't eat them.

Lastly, these all-natural snacks are perfect for dogs with dietary restrictions. One of my dogs is on a special diet because of gastrointestinal issues, so almost all snacks upset his tummy. But this treat hasn't caused any upset at all (I guess that should be pretty obvious because its pure chicken breast).

I'm really thrilled with this chicken jerky and my pups seem to love them more than any other treat they have ever eaten. I'm sold and I'd happily recommend this chicken jerky for dogs to my friends.

As a loving dog parent, you seek out what is ideal for your furbaby. You take pride in being selective because you desire a good for you, all-natural dog treat you can trust that will satisfy your pet’s natural instinct to chomp and feel adored.

At Chewerz Pet Treats, we are just as selective about what goes into our pet’s snacks because we're pet lovers also. That is why we use only the highest grade, all-natural ingredients so your pet can enjoy the healthiest and greatest tasting snacks.

Chewerz Chicken Jerky is made with restaurant quality USDA Grade A Chicken Breast. That's it. We hand trim each breast to remove the unwanted fat, cartilage and rib meat so your pet gets only Chicken Breast they are certain to love in every crispy & delicious bite.

In fact, we are so sure your pet will enjoy our Chewerz Chicken Jerky, we guarantee every package. If you are not completely happy with Chewerz Chicken Jerky, just return the bag for a full refund.

Chewerz Pet Treats makes it simple for you to give delicious 100% Made in USA treats to your pup. In your dog’s eyes, that makes you the greatest owner ever!

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