Furry Babies Bed Saved by Mattress Protectors

I have got a confession to make: I destroyed a mattress recently. Yes, I entirely and absolutely destroyed a perfectly usable King-sized mattress all because I didn't do my research and charged ahead, thinking I was brilliant and would conserve the day with pricey chemicals. Actually, all I required was a mattress protector that was water resistant.

So, here's the story: I have a new puppy. Plus, a spouse, however he isn't really a problem. We have actually also got cats. Our animals are why we have a King-sized bed. This puppy is the most adorable, sweetest thing you'll ever encounter. Too bad, she's also got issues with submissive urination. She rolls over on her back and pees whenever she sees us. We're working on it, going to obedience school and talking to an animal behaviorist.

Everywhere that this occurs is great other than the bed. It was destroying our mattress. It was soaking into the material, and our bed smelled awful. I had done some deep cleaning and it was smelling okay, then I got the bright concept to alleviate it with chemicals to keep it water resistant. Huge error! Even with the sheets on top of the mattress, I had a bad response to the mattress after that. It was much worse than the urine ever was. I will spare you the details, however it wasn't quite. I couldn't sleep on that another night. It was revolting, and there was no way to remove it once it was on the mattress. No matter, I had a lovely mattress I had my eye on anyhow, and this one smelled a little funny and had animal fur and other things in it I couldn't remove.

After finding a new mattress, and sleeping on the couch for a week, I did some research. On Amazon I found some extremely budget friendly, well-crafted water resistant bed mattress with a life time guarantee by Legendary Bedding. Bonus offer, they kept out bugs– allergen and animal dander and all of that nastiness that the family pets were destroying our mattress with. And they weren't those plastic zippered kind of plastic mattress protector that I was anticipating in a water resistant mattress protector.

When I got the mattress protector in, I liked it! So easy to place on– just like a routine fitted sheet. It was deep enough for the pillow-top mattress we 'd chosen, and it had a soft terrycloth cover. I even did a preemptive test run, spilling about a quart of water on the top of the mattress to make sure nothing seeped through. Sure enough, it worked perfectly! My only fear was, how would it sleep?

It was nothing short of amazing! It was just like having nothing on the bed at all– sweet dreams all around! It rested cool, there was no noisy crunching. It was perfect.

It's now been a couple of months, and I can proudly state my mattress looks as good as new. I was prepared for a feline and pet fur covered mattress, as it is generally tough to keep that out, however the mattress has actually been safeguarded entirely. Even our sniffling has actually improved– ends up those allergen were getting to me and among the kitties. It's FABULOUS. I can't state sufficiently about this mattress protector. It's such a good deal and has actually guaranteed my new favorite mattress years of life!

Ready To Completely Safeguard Your Bed mattress From Liquids, Germs and Allergens?

You have Discovered The Solution With EPIC Bedding

Keep Your Bed mattress Dry and Clean

– Secures your mattress from spills, discolorations and smells
– Ends the need for mattress deep cleaning and disinfection

100% Water resistant to Lengthen the Life of Your Bed mattress

– Water resistant security to ensure spills, sweat and other body fluids can not damage your bed linen
– Prevents unattractive staining on your bed linen
– Keeps bed mattress as good as new for longer

Suitable for Those Suffering from Allergies

– Hypoallergenic materials to keep bed linen safe for allergy victims
– Secures from allergen, germs, and irritants
– Bed mattress protector contains no phthalates, vinyl or PVC

Makes sure a Peaceful Night's Sleep

– No noisy or crinkling sounds
– Breathable cotton terry keeps you cool throughout the night
– Noiseless for a better night's sleep

Put On and Eliminate With Ease

– Machine washable for convenience
– Simple to remove and return on
– Helps keep bed linen fresh and clean

Item Measurements

Our mattress protector sizes are as follows:

– Baby crib Bed mattress (28" x 52") and depths up to 10"
– Twin Bed mattress (39" x 75") and depths from 6" to 22"
– Twin XL Bed mattress (39" x 80") and depths from 6" to 22"
– Full Bed mattress (54" x 75") and depths from 6" to 22"
– Queen Bed mattress (60" x 80") and depths from 6" to 22"
– King Bed mattress (78" x 80") and depths from 6" to 22"
– Cal King Bed mattress (72" x 84") and depths from 6" to 22"

Our LIFETIME Assurance Is Our Dedication To 100% Customer Satisfaction

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