Dog Toy for Large Pets; Extra Thick 23 Inch

HUGE AND EXTRA THICK 23" ROPE WITH 4 LARGE KNOTS: fantastic for medium, big and even additional big types

HIGH QUALITY 100 % COTTON ROPE: gentle on pet's mouth yet strong for powerful jaws, the rope will help clean pet's teeth and enhance dental health

Great for Fetch, tug of war and puppy training
Interactive play will help strengthen bond between you and your pet, build self-confidence and makes obedience training fun

This LARGE AND EXTRA THICK 23" ROPE WITH 4 LARGE KNOTS already got favorable review from customers.

Jennifer Jordan states, "Our 122 lb golden retriever is in love … This is nice and big and huge enough that we can play pull with him. The rope is nice and thick but not too hard for his teeth. The brilliant green makes it easy to discover round the house. I got this product at a discount rate for my sincere opinion/review. This discount rate has no bearing on my opinion or suggestion.".

Jessi Spur states, "There is a toy out there that the dynamic duo of my location can not damage!!!!! They have actually now been having fun with this for 2 days and it still looks as good as brand-new In my house, with the collie and the hound, toys do not stand a chance. Well, till now. This is a great toy for pull of war and they have actually been pulling it all over the house! I finally found something that holds up to these 2. My yard is cluttered with white stuffing from other toys but with this one, I don't have to worry about it. Such a nice relief to have something they can have fun with that can deal with hours of rough dog play.".

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