Pet Dental Chew Toy for Small Dogs – Made of Premium Quality Rope

Dog Dental Chew Toy for Small Dogs; Premium Quality Rope and Chewing Bone for Dental Care, Great for Interactive Play, Pup Training, Tug of War or Fetch; Resilient Non-Toxic 100 % Cotton

Rope dog dabble oral bone for little breeds up to 30lbs.
Assists clean dog's teeth and enhance oral health
Great for Fetch, tug of war and pup training
Assists reinforce bond between you and your dog, develop self esteem and makes obedience training fun

This Dog Dental Chew Toy for Small Dogs got favorable feedback on Amazon. "I purchased this Dog Dental Chew Toy for Small Dogs for my more youthful dog as he still prefers to chew. He has to do with a year and a half and loves to play with his toys and when I provided this to him he removed and ran to his dogie beg to chew it. This is an outstanding quality rope and chewing bone that benefits your canines oral care. It is excellent for playing pull of war, bring, interactive playing, and simply for pup training so they understand exactly what they can chew on. This is a resilient non harmful toy and the rope is made of 100 % Cotton which is likewise excellent for your pets teeth (it acts like dental floss). It is really colorful so it is appreciable from his other toys. Animals ought to be supervised when chewing treats. These treats are absolutely natural however a little unpleasant so they ought to be delighted in on hard surface areas for simple cleaning. Both of my pets enjoy to play and chew on this toy. I did not observe any overpowering smells. My vet has actually discussed how clean my pets teeth are and my other dog is 13. Not just do my pets enjoy this toy however, it does not stain the carpeting. The only "downside" is that I have to pickup & gather the hairs of threads that he chews loose. However an excellent natural toy! * I got this item totally free in exchange for my truthful unbiased review. My evaluations are entirely based on my personal experiences with the product. Others viewpoints might vary due to their own experiences.", says Review Addict.

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