Splendid Bungee Leash for Jogging with a Bungee Effect from Strong Petz

Every dog owner knows how irritating it could be leading a dog using a typical handheld leash. Hand held leashes can be a hassle in best of circumstances and a substantial danger in the worst! The Running Leash by Strong Petz could be your ticket to a safer and more pleasant outing with your buddy. This original dog leash keeps you along with your pet secured and happy by keeping your pet easily by your side.

The Running Leash was made with a fully adjustable, light-weight belt and a useful bungee cord. The bungee provides enough give but still holds the tension in order that the leash isn't going to wrap around your dog legs.

This leash has a convenient D-ring that is specifically made to rotate easily from side to side along the belt to allow you to manage where you want your furry friend to be. No more tripping over each other making your stroll or run unpleasant!

This leash is even designed with reflective stitching to increase night time visibility.

The solid metal clips and swivel hook helps make hooking your pet up for a stroll a piece of cake.

You and your best friend will be ready to hit the roads in no time!

The days of hazardous, irritating walks with your best friend are a thing of the past. Strong Petz has made this Hands Free Dog Leash so you and your dog can run free and convenient.

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