RopriPet Active Collar Dog Obedience Collar for Puppy Remote Training.

Aiming to get my canine to act well has been an obstacle. She's not quite 2 years of age, so obviously the playfulness of a pup is still there, but at over 55 pounds, it will not be long until that playfulness ends up being simply unpleasant!

This is why I was so delighted to find the RopriPet Active Collar on Amazon. This wonderful training aid has helped to make sure my canine's attention does not wander off when we go out for a training session. If her mind wanders, as young dogs mind's will, all it takes is a fast push of a button on the lightweight push-button control and I can send a selected stimulant to have her pay attention to me again.

What is actually terrific about this item is that I have a choice of three distinct modes– a warning noise, a vibration mode and a static shock mode. Both the static and vibration modes can be changed through 100 various strength levels, meaning that I might find the specific ideal level of stimulant for my dog. I've discovered the beeping mode works terrific for my canine and using positive reinforcement training principles, she's responded magnificently to our routine sessions.

Both the transmitter and receiver are rechargeable and hold their charge for days. The collar is also water resistant, which is terrific as my canine simply likes to run through the watering systems that are frequently on at the park near our home.

The RopriPet Active Collar is something I will happily advise to my canine owning buddies.

It's true what they say, a Well Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!

Say goodbye to your canine overlooking your commands!

We enjoy our dogs. For a number of us, they are more than family pets, they are family. But an inexperienced canine is not just tough to live with, they do not understand their place in life and can be unhappy. In extreme scenarios, an untrained canine can provide a risk to others, particularly kids and the senior!

With the RopriPet Active Collar Training System © the days of unruly behavior from your canine are numbered! It is a well-known truth that if a pet has turned away and cannot see you, then in his mind you are not there, you don't exist! The RopriPet Active Collar Training System © gives you the capability to let your canine understand to focus his attention back on you – even up to 330 yards away!

What are the advanced functions of the RopriPet Active Collar Training System ©?

• Big, simple to check out LCD display
• Advanced power saving with power-down mode
• Approximately 330 yards range
• 100 different levels of static and vibration stimulation
• Rechargeable and weatherproof.
• Expandable to 2 dogs.

RopriPet is a real 5 star Amazon merchant – our clients trust us for friendly, no fuss service and quality products – see exactly what clients have actually stated about some of our products:.

• "The quality is amazing".
• "Her 2 paws and my 2 thumbs up".
• "Genius idea".

Take the risk from online shopping – We provide a BETTER than money back warranty, if there is a concern with your item for any reason we will REFUND you and SEND YOU A BRAND-NEW ONE!

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