Hachiko Friends Premium Carabiner Add-on With Webbing Attachment For Water Bottle

Hachiko Friends Carabiner 2pc Pack Set comes in very handy with many travel bowls found in the market. They are easy to use and can perfectly hold the travel bowls and water bottle comfortably to our personal belongings without being an obstruction.

The Quality Carabiner provided is of high quality, rugged enough to hold the weight of water bottles of up to 1.5 liter in size. Connected to the carabiner is a very firm nylon webbing that safeguards that the water bottle stay securely stable when on the go. The high quality rubber, that holds the water bottle perfectly making certain that the water bottle stays stable under most demanding conditions without detaching off, is very rest assuring to have for our long trips. Our 500ml water bottle hooked to our backpack stayed perfectly intact even when we did a short run.

The super strong nylon strip, unlike most strips made of rubber used in the market, does not shake as much when we are on the move and keeps our bowls and water bottle unshaken and secured throughout our entire trip; and that really fantastic for us. It is surely a great add-on to have especially when going camping with our dog. The carabiner set is supplied only in black and that fits us just fine as it is simple to match with any design and furthermore, black does not get stained easily.

One note of care though, the carabiner though bigger and more better quality then those provided with a large selection of travel bowls found in the market, they are not suitable for climbing or to secure any object that is larger than a 1.5 liter water bottle. For us, many of our outdoor hikes, we would carry a 500ml sized water bottle to a maximum of a 1 liter water bottle and that would more than sufficient for that outing and if need be, we can always refill the water along the way.

Best of all, the Premium Carabiner pack from Hachiko Friends comes at a reduced price with 2 pcs in a pack. It is a great value for money and it is always good to have an extra set handy.

We definitely recommend this very handy add-on as the must have complement to your travel bowls and you can go outdoors with total confidence that your items are well and secure.

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