Can't Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Poop? Then You Need To See This Product.

Just the other day I walked past the guest bathroom and what do I see? My dog standing over the cat litter box. Again! Why do dogs love eating cat poop so much? It blows my mind! Determined to do something about it I went straight to Amazon.

Amazon is the first place I usually look for a solution because you can almost always find a product that will solve your problem. I searched dog proof litter box and the first few products were either pet gates or covered litter boxes. They were too expensive so I kept going down the list. This product called Door Buddy with really cool packaging caught my eye. It is a door lock that you install on your door and door frame and you just lock the hook into a latch. It keeps the door open wide enough so the cat can go in but keeps it narrow enough so the dog can't get in. It was really affordable so I gave it a shot.

All I have to say is – it works! What a difference such a simple product can make. My cat can now eat and go to the bathroom in peace and I don't have to worry about my dog getting into the litter box anymore! It is super simple to use – you just latch and unlatch – which makes it so easy for me to get into the room whenever I want. This is a really great product and I would suggest it to anyone that would like to keep dogs (even cats because of the adjustability feature) out of unwanted rooms.

Go to the link below to buy yours now.

Visit Amazon for more about this door strap product

Some of the features are:

1) It Installs in Seconds without any tools needed.
2) It has a Lock and Unlock Latch that gives adults quick and convenient access.
3) Easy one handed operation from either side of the door makes it easy.
4) The adjustable strap makes the width of door opening customizable.
5) Comes with strong and durable 3M Tape for a secure bond.
6) Proudly made in the USA

Don't wait. Make your life easier! Get the Door Buddy today!


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