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I have two canines and a cat who are certainly part of our household. However, the older of our pet dogs has an issue with flatulence that is stinky enough to clear out a room! My other canine will certainly consume anything he finds anywhere, specifically if we are not looking, and will often then get diarrhea. My feline will sometimes just throw up for no apparent reason.

Well, a friend of mine recommended that I provide all 3 of them Dog Pro Probiotics. He stated it did wonders for all his animals and is completely sold on it. So I used it and wow! what a difference it made! I begun to notice changes within a week of starting them on it.

Most important is that it is a terrific tasting liquid spray which I spray straight on their food or water and they consume it with joy. Even my feline that is very picky now consumes all his food when I spray it with Dog Pro.

I'm hear to tell you that both my canines and feline are without diarrhea, bad breath and gas! And furthermore, there is no more dry skin and their coats are shinny! Dog Pro Probiotics will now be part of their diet plan from here on out!

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Animal Probiotic Products Are Not All The Exact same!
Pet dogs Require Canine Particular Strains For a Healthy Intestinal Tract and Immune System

-70 % of a pet's Immune System is in his GI Tract – When not working well or an imbalance occurs you get * Diarrhea * Gas * Bloating * Foul breath * Skin Problems * Dull Coat
– The incorrect combination of probiotics can disturb the GI Tract
– Canine particular probiotic bacteria tolerate the extreme conditions of the canine GI Tract, while non-canine (i.e. cattle probiotic strains used in most pet probiotic products) bacteria are mainly not able to survive such extreme conditions.

Finally Pet dog Particular Probiotics that Really Work!

– PET PRO Probiotics with Natural Organic Acids was produced to enhance the GI tract and immune system.The outcome of over one year research study task to identify the exact combination of canine particular strains that make up our proprietary formula to make sure maximum results.
– Organic Acids are an anti-pathogen, a natural byproduct produced during the process of fermentation that decreases the pH in the GI tract, producing unfavorable conditions for harmful germs (E coli, salmonella, and so on) They also decrease swelling of the GI lining.
– Palatability is exceptional and the liquid is more easily absorbable than powders. Some pet dogs are extremely particular and won't consume powders sprinkled on their food.
– No refrigeration is required – With our proprietary technology we create a special balance in our liquid proprietary formula that keeps the probiotics dormant until consumed. The combination of pH and body temperature level in the GI Tract triggers them.

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